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√ Mapping/As-Builts

√ Mapping/As-Builts

√ Estimate Quantities In The Field

√ Estimate Quantities In The Field

√ Create Drawings For Clients

√ Create Drawings For Clients

√ Easily Log and Retrieve Field Data

√ Easily Log and Retrieve Field Data

√ Property Management Assessments

√ Property Management Assessments

How Does The

PropDoc App Work?

Get Access To Your Important Data And Elite Customer Service So You Can Save Time And Money On Every Project With The Propdoc App.

Efficient Data Capture

Replace paper forms with efficient electronic data entry forms for use with or without maps.

  • Custom picklists

  • Text, number, dates

  • Photos and file attachments

  • Relational tables

  • Complex form customization assistance available


Professional Mapping

Quickly map points, lines, and areas with high-accuracy mapping supported. Create estimates on the fly.

  • Points

  • Areas

  • Lines

  • Internal device GPS or external Bluetooth® GPS



Create custom project templates so field-collected data reflects your job(s).

  • Map what you want, How you want

  • Create project templates for different job types

  • Customize data entry forms to reflect your work



The simple interface allows users to be trained and collect data in minutes.

  • Works offline and connected online

  • Advanced Data Filtering

  • View background satellite imagery offline or online

  • Navigate to features on a map

  • Complex data entry forms supported with tabs and relational tables



Create custom project templates so field-collected data reflects your job(s).

  • Import: Google Earth® KML or Esri® Shapefiles as editable layer

  • Export: Google Earth® KML, Microsoft® Excel®

  • Print professional PDF reports to include map

  • Simple cloud project synchronization between field and office

  • Share projects and project templates as a file

  • Compatible with GIS systems (Ex, Esri, QGIS, Google Earth)


Free & Live Support

Get a jump start on your project with help from PropDoc’s in-house customer success team.

  • Free

  • Live tech support


Tired Of Complex, Expensive GIS Mapping Software That Won’t Adapt To You?

We were too! That’s why we’re helping property management, development professionals, and contractors re-claim control and increase productivity with organized data they can customize and access anywhere. Anytime.


Start saving time and money immediately with PropDoc’s revolutionary easy-to-use mapping solution and form data collection software.


Create rapid estimates in the field with high accuracy that can quickly and easily be converted into drawings and reports for your clients.


Say goodbye to the endless game of “phone tag” and hard-to-track email/text chains... Plus, no more lost drawings or other important files.


No more paying for the same thing more than once! Keep projects on time and within budget. Empower your team and equip your contractors.

Available for Windows™ and Android™.

Which Solution Will Save You The Most?


Mapping and tracking utilities for existing builds can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Making edits and changes are even worse. See how PropDoc solves this problem easily so you can get back to doing what matters most!

Estimate Quantities In The Field

Stop wasting time and money on human error. Traditional ways of measuring distance, quantities, and material counts often lead to headaches and expensive cost overruns. See how PropDoc solves measurement and quantity problems right in the field!

Create Drawings For Clients

Both clients and contractors rely on schematic drawings in the field and in the office. Losing drawings, sending countless email chains, and confusing sketches often hold up entire projects. See how PropDoc makes creating drawings for clients simple.

Easily Log And Retrieve Field Data

What if crews, clients, and teams didn’t have to constantly bombard your office with on-site questions before beginning work? What if they could click on a geotagged map and gather all the important data they need to get the job done right? See how PropDoc makes this possible.

Property Management Assessments

Helping contractors understand the location, needs, and scope of repairs is often overwhelming. Miscommunication, missed expectations, and poor planning can be costly. See how PropDoc allows property managers to give their contractors all the information they need to get the job done right the first time.

See The Full Suite Of Features PropDoc Offers Professionals Like You.

The PropDoc App Is The Last Data Management System You’ll Ever Need!

Most property managers and contractors don’t have the training or access to the complex engineering/surveying/GIS tools that exist.

Not to mention how costly they are to acquire. PropDoc allows you to collect data, manage properties, and more without expensive gear or technical training.

At PropDoc App, we’re different.

We let you set the terms for your data!

Customize how you and your team see and interact with the data you depend on daily. Make more innovative and more profitable decisions as a team.

Get your team up and running in minutes, not days!

With our software, your team will quickly and easily get up to speed so you can create more bandwidth and fewer headaches.

When data is accessible and sharable - Everyone wins!

Being able to view, export, and share valuable data online and offline through the PropDoc App is how intelligent organizations like yours save time and money.

PropDoc App

At PropDoc App, we understand how frustrating it can be to have all of your essential data everywhere but not where you need it. Time is money when it comes to property development. And, when you don’t have fast, accurate data custom formatted to your specific needs, you’re wasting time and money. We launched the PropDoc App to help you get your data streamlined, accessed, and formatted for your business so you can save more time and make more money through your property management projects. Try the PropDoc App now and see the difference it makes in your business.

Your Success Is Our Mission!

PropDoc App + The Rugged Mesa Tablet + Geode = Data Unleashed!

Customize Uinta on your own, or call our customer success team to get a boost in the right direction.

We support a wide range of industries to create the ideal data collection solution for each unique workflow. Reach out to discuss your data collection needs today. Complete your system by using one of our ultra-rugged tablets and GPS receivers. We’re powered by Uinta so that you can put the finishing touch on this industry-leading mapping and data collection powerhouse solution.

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Unlocking The True Data

Of Power Done Right!

Property Management Companies know how valuable data should be, but few know how to unlock the true power of data when it’s done right. That’s why I am often invited to speak at conferences, organizations, and online events. I share my proven systems for capturing, organizing, and utilizing data in a step-by-step framework any organization can use. If you want to learn exactly how I unlocked the true power of data done right (and how I’ve helped thousands of others do the same), here are a few things I’ll share and how to schedule a time for me to speak at your event:

• Discover the essentials you need to capture all the data correctly.

• Gain key practices for organizing your data like a pro!

• Get my best systems for saving time, making money, and avoiding costly mistakes using data better.

• How to customize your data to increase efficiency and reduce stress.

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